Frequently asked questions.

Q: Can i return my print?

A: Please note there are no returns or exchanges. We are a custom made print shop and each image and frame is custom made to your order.

Q: I've just ordered the wrong print, can i change it?

A: Yes you can, however you need to notify us within 6 hours of ordering the print.

Q: Can you sell me the image so i can print it myself?

A: Yes, we can sell you the image for a limited printing licence. However the cost would be much higher than purchasing the printed image from our online shop.

Q: Do you sell digital images for business or commercial use?

A: Yes we can and we love to see our images used by brands for advertising and promotional purposes. If you wish to purchase a digital resolution file for commercial use please get in contact with us.

Q: Can you print your images larger than the available sizing?

A: Theoretically yes, however we prefer to keep our prints within a size range that still provides a sharp and clear image.

Q: What countries do you deliver to?

A: At this time, Anj Semark ships rolled prints to the following countries. United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Canada, Brazil.

Q: I saw and image on your instagram but it is not on here?

A: If you can not find the image we may have posted in our story of feed please get in touch and we can find it for you to print.

Q: I have a special location in mind but i cant find an image of it, do you have more images that are not shown on the website?

A: Yes we do, we do not put every image we take on the online shop. Please get in touch with us via the contact page as we may already have an image of your location or we might be able to arrange something specific for you.