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Capturing the essence of Evans & Tate's wine labels is more than just taking a photograph. It's about delving deep into the history and traditions of winemaking in Western Australia, and understanding the unique character and flavors of each vintage. 

As a photographer, I strive to tell a story through the imagery, to evoke the senses and transport the viewer to the vineyards where the grapes are grown and the wine is crafted. Each label is a reflection of the passion and dedication of the winemakers, and it's my job to bring that to life through my lens. From the vibrant colors of the grapes to the intricate details of the bottling process, every aspect of the winemaking journey is captured in the final image. It's an honor to work with Evans & Tate and to be a part of their legacy of excellence in winemaking.



Facing Monsters by Andrew Semark is a 140 page high quality print, hardcover book based on the feature documentary film Facing Monsters.

Andrew's book is a combination of photography work shot on location for the film as well as other unseen surf trips with Kerby over the last decade. It also incorporates words from some of the film's top collaborators.

10% of book profits will be donated to the charity Lifeline. Thankyou for all the support.Its greatly appreciated.

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Andrew Semark is a born and bred South West Photographer who's focus is Landscape, Travel and Ocean Art Photography.

Growing up in the south west region, his photography has been moulded by the amazing beaches and coastline the south west has to offer. He has also had the opportunity to travel to some other countries to expand his vision and capture their beauty.

Sharing this life with his wife and two children, his drive is to encourage them to have an open, creative mind and a sense of adventure through his Photography style.