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Remember those kids in school that never had to study and would be able to fluke tests?Those kids that could do that thing called maths without having a major brain melt?The supertalented kids that had a plan and knew exactly what they wanted when they finished school?Yeah...that wasn’t me.

I have never been a talented or gifted human when it comes to anything really.I flunked school pretty hard and ended up studying a trade that I wasn’t really interested in, but was the best option for my brain capacity. Photography came later on in life and I was pretty bad at that too. The one thing I did have going for me was a good work ethic and readiness to learn. The majority of my photography work has evolved from making mistake after mistake,but not giving up. Even now I haven’t achieved what I want to.

Its easy to hide behind images that have been refined over the years and to show people your life and career is all together.Social media creates this perception that people are killing it at life and I am guilty of it. But guess what, I still don’t have my shit together. What I do have though is a group of people around me supporting me and helping me to place one foot in front of the other. I’m still building my career as a photographer and I am also still working in a trade doing what I don’t want to do and you know what,that’s Ok. I have never been more driven to succeed at what I’m doing and to have something to call my own. But it’s a work in progress, it takes time.

I wrote all this down just to say that whatever stage you are in life, you can do that thing you want to do.You can change your situation for the better.If a super untalented human like mcan change where I’m at, I have no doubt you can too.

Here is a selection of pretty pictures to make it relevant.